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Doug LaRue Solo Art Show

Doug LaRue Solo Art Show at Mid Town

We had a fantastic opening party at the gallery in MidTown in Austin, Texas.  Lots of our friends showed up and we had live music and some very strong craft brew beer.

ArtCity Austin Showcase

Digital Photography Tips & Essentials

Art City Austin, It was a great show! We learned a lot about Austin's talent pool and Arts infrastructure. Thanks Art Alliance Austin.


Spring Gallery Night Juried Exhibit

FORT WORTH COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER I have been accepted into the Juried Exhibit. Will have two shows going simultaneously in Ft. Worth EXHIBITION DATES: March 1 – March 30, 2019 RECEPTIONS: Friday, March 1, 2019 + Saturday, March 30, 2019 (Spring Gallery Night) 1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, TX, 76107

Ft Worth Art Show Ft Worth Art Show

Ft Worth Show of Antiques and Art

I attended this show as an experiment and a chance to hang out with my sister and nephew who live nearby.  The show was interesting. 

Austin City Hall People Gallery Show

Armadillo Art Squad has a new home i
The Wittliff Collections


Armadillo Art Squad now has a permanent home in The Wittliff Collections. The 32x64 inch framed print that spent the last year at Austin City Hall is now part of the Art Collections at Texas State University.

Pen and Ink Illustration featuring famed Austin Music Artists (from left to right) Guy Juke, Micael Priest, Danny Garrett, Jim Franklin, Kerry Awn, Jesse Sublett, Ken Featherston, Henry Gonzales, Sam Yeates, Bill Narum. Other folks include collectors, lawyers, writers and printers. Alan Schaefer, Mike Tolleson, Joe Nick Patoski, Tom Wilmore, Nels Jacobson, Terry Raines. Some of my favorite folks in Austin, Texas! Original size is 58 inch x 40 inch 

UpDown Studios

Weathered Pages gets professional help at UPDOWN Studios

Engineered by the talented Eric Holtz

We documented the three day creative song production session as part of a new film project • The home of legendary Texas band Blue October

Peoples Gallery 2017 Exhibition

Selected for the 13th Annual People’s Gallery Exhibition at Austin City Hall

I am pleased to announce that "Armadillo Art Squad" has been selected for the 2017, 13th annual People’s Gallery Exhibition at Austin City Hall. A unique and breathtaking building, Austin’s City Hall is a high-visibility venue for artworks that hosts over 200,000 visitors a year. The arcival art print is gallery framed and matted to 62 inches by Skyline Art Prints in South Austin, Texas. The opening reception for the 2016 People’s Gallery Exhibition is scheduled to be held on Friday, February 24th, 2017, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.